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Laptop Repair
Excellent service! Merny was very efficient and effective. My laptop screen started flickering all over and it only took just one day to fix it. Which is impressive and fast reliable service. I recommend to anyone to contact him because his very knowledgeable, professional & affordable about his service. Thanks a lot! I am definitely coming back to him for any electronic repair in the future. Below is the before repair and after repapics of my laptop. I highly recommend Merny
– Anne D.
Phone Repairs
Awesome customer service! If I break anything again i will defiantly come back here. I took it in not only on a holiday but i got it back the same day at a great price. I had to restore my phone myself but he was able to walk me through everything. He persistently kept making sure that I successfully completed restoration and even offered to do it for free. I appreciate the quality of time that was taken into this repair greatly and highly recommend this business to anyone that needs repairs!
– Jasmine M.
Phone Repair
Merny was very professional and efficient at replacing my broken screen. He even came to my home to do it as his store is closed. I would highly recommend Quick Fix Electronics for any needs you may have.
– Akogle
Phone Repair
Merny was super friendly and knowledgeable. We communicated via text and phone call, he accommodated his schedule to help me and asked in advance all the details so he had all the parts needed when i got there. He fixed mi ipad mini screen in no time and the price was very reasonable. Would definitely come here again, would recommend this to a friend.
– Aristides R.
Phone Repairs
The best. From the moment I initially text him to him actually fixing my phone. Top notch service. Very fast phone was fixed in 15 mins. He responded to me in about 10 mins. And he meet up with me by my house. If you live in rosedale surrounding rosedale and need a smartphone or computer fixed merny is your guy.
– Shaniqua T.
Computer Repair
Amazing service!!! Came over and took care of business. The pricing was perfect and the service was impeccable!!! Id highly recommend these guys for any technical issue your having. My computer was out of commission for almost 3 months and I had no idea what was wrong with it but these guys came on their very flexible schedule and fixed my laptop with EASE!
– Elk F.
Phone Repair
My phone had a LCD damage for about a month now. Calling random numbers, texting people, wouldn't allow me to go on any social media. Until I finally met someone named Merny that can fix my iPhone 6 Plus. He was very professional, took him only 15 mins and I can finally say I'm very satisfied with the service. Thanks again!
– Rebecca R.
Screen Repairs
Excellent service!! Will travel to you within reasonable distance. Fixed my screen and digitizer in 30 mins. Highly recommended.
– Anisa F.
Computer Repair
I can't read enough about how wonderful the customer service is and how much they are willing to go out of their way and above and beyond for their customers and also potential customers the help and that I receive it was very informative I did not feel like I was getting less than what I was paying for I feel like I was getting more than what I was paying for and I also highly recommend the services provided by his company.
– Stefanie J.

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